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Ducted Vacuum, itís...
The experience
Of over 7 years, from the expert Ducted Vacuum Cleaner System installers in Melbourne.

The proximity
Of a Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Expert who will be able to cater to all your needs and provide the assistance you deserve and expect, wherever you are.
The high performance and reliability
Of ducted vacuums that are made in Australia and renowned for their durability, and exceptional performance.

The ease and speed
Of use of a hose that follows you everywhere and unique and handy attachments that will simplify your everyday life.
Let Ducted Vacuum System Make Your Life Easier !
Automatic Dustpan
Essential tool to sweep dust and crumbs away. Open the dustpan with the tip of your toe, and make them disappear!
Flexible Hose
Essential flexible hose makes it easier to move around the house without stress.
Switch Hose Kit
Convenient handy on/off switch on the handle gives comfort of turning the system on or off in an instant.
Large Dirt Capacity
Large dirt collection container makes life easier, only need to empty once or twice a year.
State of the art Surveillance Systems
High Resolution Cameras
State of the art high resolution cameras give exceptional image quality.
Mobile Monitoring
With mobile monitoring you can watch and record where ever you are.
Screen Monitoring
Watch all cameras at once with high image quality.
Easy Recording
Recording is essential for added security, with our easy to use Recording Devices.
High Security Home Alarm Systems
Digital Keypads
State of the art high quality digital keypads for added safety.
High Quality Reliable Systems
Quality proven high quality alarm systems give exceptional reliability.
Discreet & Loud
Quality discreet & loud sirens and strobes make sure can be heard and seen.
Wireless Ease of Control
Remote control wireless alarm systems installed for easy operation.